Our Mission

Mission Statement 

The average donor gives life to 8 people. 8 lives. 8 families. 8 futures. 8 tomorrows. Turn The Paige Foundation is founded in memory of a true angel taken from this earth, which gave back to so many both in life and in death. Paige Corbell will always be remembered for her sincere smile, lovable attitude and raucous laugh but most of all, the gift of life that she gave seven other families. During her short life, Paige reminded all of us to live life to the fullest and to never feel as though you cannot accomplish something. In her death, she reminded us that not only is our life a gift, but giving the gift of life to another is an honor.

Turn The Paige Foundation is founded on one belief, that no life is small. Whether that life is a family member, a close friend or a stranger that you have never met before, we all have the ability to save someone just by checking a box. Please take the time to register today and pass this information along to your friends and family. Remember, we are not guaranteed tomorrow, but we can guarantee tomorrow for someone else!



  1. Statistics – 25 million Texans, 2,475,139 registered donors as of June 6th, 2012 – only 10%.
  2. Core Beliefs – That every American should register as an organ and tissue donor and give life to others.
  3. Major Goals – Raise awareness about the abysmal lack of organ and tissue donors.  Increase education about the importance of registry.  Implement donor registration education in classrooms, including getting it in the textbooks.  Initiate round the state tv ads for organ donor registry utilizing recognizable figures in the music industry to promote the choice.
  4. Choices – My daughter died as a hero. What do you choose to be?
  5. To raise organ donations to a minimum of 25% throughout the state of Texas which has the lowest organ donor numbers of any state in the Union.  Secondarily, to increase numbers throughout the United States.


Turn the Paige Foundation     EIN:  27-1702977