The Secret to Living is Giving

by Gregory Rogan – The Secret to Living Is Giving – brother donates kidney to brother 
submitted October 12, 2010

In no way do I want anyone to take anything negative away from my post here. My post is meant to inspire, not detract from the incredible experience of becoming a donor. Having said that… My name is Greg and I am an alcoholic! I realized I am an alcoholic when I was 27 (now I am 42) and having gone through many painful situations on this front. I am in recovery for 15 years now and am very happy. My story takes a different turn when 6 years ago I learned of an older brother to a very close friend of mine going into renal failure (kidney) after fighting the aspects of a recurring disease for years. I dug down deep to find what I knew would be a great experience of donating my own kidney to save this mans life. Not only do I credit the experience of donating my kidney as one of the greatest things that happened to me, but I look at it as one of two experiences that changed my life…my sobriety and kidney donation…one gave life back to another person, the other gave life back to myself.

Donating an organ is head and shoulders above any mountain that could be climbed to set ones sights on it’s beautiful vistas. It was incredible for me to have gone through this event in my life. However, my story again changes by the fact that just 3 years after my donation, I started to experience pain and discomfort unrelated to anything that happened with my organ donation….the fact is I have been diagnosed with Advanced Stage IV colon cancer and have been fighting for the last 2 1/2 years and am trying to overcome this deadly disease. Regardless of why I am going through this after my sacrifice in being a living organ donor…I will always go down as saying giving life back to another individual is something so great, so powerful, and so beautiful that I know it will always add to my life….not take away. 

God bless all who donate and receive an organ.


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